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About Radici 

io e fili RADICI.jpg

Radici was born concretely on a fortuitous morning of October 2020, but in reality it comes to life long before or maybe, who knows, it has always existed.

Radici wants to be a multicultural space, accessible also - and above all - to the disabled, because Radici believes that art and photography can alleviate some pains of the soul.

Radici was created to create a place that refers and / or addresses everyone - without any kind of economic or social distinction - trying to blend the different classes and cultures.

Radici it is a space that is also a laboratory to create on the moment, based on your personal inspirations, or where you can breathe art in all its forms, where there is sharing and exchange of the various flows of thoughts and images.

Radici it is also a small independent art and photography bookshop that wants to enhance the printed word and micro-publishing as much as possible, at a time when social media are increasingly gaining the upper hand.

Radici is Linda Pezzano and Filippo Zoccoli, with a camera in one hand and a chisel in the other.

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